IUP Hockey ranked 17th in ACHA National Rankings

November 19, 2022

IUP Crimson Hawks advance to a 13-1 record and earn the 17th slot in the ACHA Division 1 national rankings.    We spent a few minutes with the Head Coach Joe Honzo on the ACHA rankings and the Crimson Hawks path to nationals.

How do the rankings work?

This is the third of thirteen national rankings in the 2022-23 season. Division 1 teams are ranked on a national basis through a computer ranking system based on strength of schedule, goal differential, and win-loss record (OT wins and OT losses are ranked as a tied game).  The national rankings include games starting in September with the first ranking announced in November ending the last week of February.

How often are teams ranked?

Rankings are calculated and announced every week.   This totals 13 rankings over the season with the fall/spring semester break.

How is the national ranking used?

The final February ranking is the most important and sets up the ACHA National Tournament seedings.  Twenty teams will ultimately compete at ACHA nationals .   Several conference champions, such as our conference the CHMA, advance to the national tournament.  Once the conference championships are determined, the remaining nationally ranked teams are selected depending on the rankings of the conference championship teams.

Are there two paths to ACHA nationals for IUP Hockey?

Yes, national rankings and winning conference playoffs.  With 8 conference champions advancing to the national tournament being ranked in the top 12 is what we believe would solidify a ranked path to nationals.  Winning the CHMA playoffs while ranking in the top 25 solidifies a strong seed and path to nationals.

How is the CHMA champion determined?

Six teams from the CHMA play a single-game elimination tournament.   Teams are seeded based on conference records with the top 2 teams awarded a first round bye.    The 2022-2023 CHMA playoffs are being hosted at S&T Bank Arena.   This year’s schedule:

        • CHMA #3 vs CHMA #6 – Feb 24, 2023
        • CHMA #4 vs CHMA #5 – Feb 24, 2023
        • CHMA #1 vs Remain seed of choice – Feb 25, 2023
        • CHMA #2 vs Remaining seed – Feb 25, 2023
        • Semifinal Winner vs Semifinal Winner – Feb 26, 2023
        • CHMA Playoff Champion and ACHA National Auto-bid

Where are the rankings and CHMA standings posted?

The national rankings are found on the ACHA website.   The CHMA standings are updated weekly.

What is the best way to keep up with the team and national rankings?

Twitter @IUPIceHockey and @IUPBoxScores keeps everyone informed on scores and team happenings.   Player interaction, coaches interviews and behind the scenes happen on Instagram.   Live game streams on IUP Hockey YouTube.